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R2-D2’S Bleeps and Beeps Decoded. It’S Not for Kids. It’S Funny as Hell.

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Written by Lambert Varias | March 3, 2009

Star Wars geeks claim that R2-D2 was inspired by a character in a Kurosawa film plus the robots in Silent Running plus an overheard request from a sound editor. Riiiight. Here’s the real score: In 1975 George Lucas invented a Time Machine and fast forwarded himself to 1999. Then he saw an episode of Family Guy. Then he saw Stewie. Then he went back home and watched a bit of Monty Python. Then he created R2-D2. The end. You guys want proof?


Dr. Mortal Wombat, PhD in robot linguistics, has released clips of Star Wars with all of R2-D2’s digital utterances decoded for us lay people. May I just reiterate that these clips are for adults only. I guess Star Wars fans won’t have trouble meeting that requirement.

Here’s Episode I:

Still not convinced?


Here’s Episode II:

[via Neatorama]