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Octopus Trap Speakers May Only Look Versatile

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Written by Alisha K. | March 4, 2009

In what has to be one of the oddest trends I’ve seen, Japanese company Bird Electron has produced a set of speakers built to resemble octopus traps. As you might have guessed, octopus traps are used to catch octopi. These speakers, apparently, are designed to catch attention instead of 8-legged sea creatures.

takotsubo octopus trap speaker bird electron

They’re pretty enough if you can get past the origin of the design. I’m no vegetarian, but I’m not sure I want a reminder of food sources sitting around on the shelf.

takotsubo octopus trap speaker bird electron

The trap speakers are 50mm and work on a bandwidth of 50Hz to 4kHz at 83dB. But who wants the specs? What I want to know is this: will they still function as actual octopus traps if you take out the speaker bits and refit them to their original purpose? If so, that would make these speakers simultaneously more sinister and more awesome.

[Bird Electron via Akihabara News]