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Modder Squeezes Famicom Into Famicom Cart (Sort of)

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Written by Alisha K. | March 7, 2009

Here’s what this looks like: a workable, playable Famicom cartridge modded to contain an entire Famicom. But oh how deceiving looks can be. Really, this is a Yinlips media player with a Famicom emulator stuffed into a business card holder shaped like a Famicom cart.

famicom cart mod yinlips

But the result looks great and it gets the job done–the job, in this case, being playing Famicom games, which is pretty important–so who am I to quibble over details about appearances?

famicom cart mod yinlips

Modder goteking seems to have a fascination with Famicom cartridges; he’s been in this space before for his excellent Famicam, a camera inside a cartridge. What will he stick in a cart next?

[via BenHeck.com forums]