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Cool & Calculated: Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

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Written by Lambert Varias | March 11, 2009

What up nerd. What? You have more than 5 friends now?! Finally! Why don’t you celebrate this momentous occasion? Throw a party and get smashed! You should still keep it real though, so your friends will love you for who you are. And nothing says “I AM A N3RD” like being nerdy about the littlest things in life, like the shape of the ice that you use for your drinks. Don’t worry, Think Geek’s got your back. Because they think like geeks, they’re selling these Pi Symbol Ice Cube Trays.


So geek is ThinkGeek’s thinking that they even have a recipe for Pi-tini:


The Pi Symbol Ice Tray sells for $9 USD. If you can shake anything 3.14 times, then I salute you. You are a true nerd. Plus you have ultra-accurate muscle control.

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