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IPod Shuffle 3g Gets Candy Coated Colors

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 19, 2009

Thinking about picking up a new iPod Shuffle 3G, but think the basic brushed aluminum and black case designs a little drab for your flashy style?  Miss the wide color selection of earlier 3G Shuffles? Well now you can brighten up your 3G with a fresh coat of color – for a price.


Apparently our pals over at Computer Choppers have made it their mission in life to color anodize and metallic plate anything and everything that can be anodized or plated. And the aluminum-shelled iPod Shuffle 3G fits that bill just perfectly. As was the case with their colorful anodized Mac Mini, these colors are much more durable than paint, and electrochemically bound to the metal so they won’t flake over time.

Now you’re looking at a price of $129 (USD) for a colorful Shuffle like the ones shown above (a $50 premium over Apple’s standard 4GB model), and prices go all the way up to $199 if you want to do something crazy like get yours plated in platinum. If you’re looking for a splash of color, you can order yours over at the Computer Choppers site.