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Practical and Sneaky: Mykeyo Keyboard Organizer

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 22, 2009

The concept behind myKeyO‘s Keyboard Organizer is so simple it’s brilliant, turning an otherwise ordinary USB computer keyboard into a personal storage.


myKeyO takes advantage of the fact that today’s technology allows for very thin keyboards. The Keyboard Organizer adds functionality while only adding a tenth of an inch to the thickness of ordinary keyboards. That’s a small compromise for the convenience it provides. Plus, the internal storage isn’t just empty space beneath the keyboard; it’s compartmentalized and even has a disc holder.


The Keyboard Organizer currently has two models with different multimedia buttons. They’re both available in plain black or plain white, but myKeyO can also print an image on the keyboard. Ideally these custom keyboards would make for great gifts or even serve as a platform for advertising; however, most of the designs featured on myKeyO’s website obscured the keys.


You can get a Keyboard Organizer for $2o to $35 (USD), depending on the model and color. The pics here are of the $35 model, the MK-2100. It has 5 programmable buttons, a volume scroll and mouse scroll wheel, plus multimedia controls: play, pause, stop, rewind, forward and mute. A customized MK-2100 costs either $80 or $60, depending on the quality of print, while the lower-priced MK-1900 can be customized for $35 or $50 depending on the quality of print.Place your orders here.

[via walyou]