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Left 4 Dead Fans Take Cosplay to a Whole New Level

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 27, 2009

It’s really not fair to call this brilliant photoset cosplay; instead, we should call this recreation of Left 4 Dead art. Nightzero’s homage to the zombie apocalypse shooter combines photography, digital art, and yes, okay, cosplay. The result? Near perfect.

left 4 dead cosplay art nightzero

Though the principles only slightly resemble their video game counterparts, the care taken with costumes and photomanipulation make this recreation something really special. But anyone can put on a red hoodie and yell, “Ammo here!” The question is, will your friends save you when that Hunter sneaks up on you?

left 4 dead cosplay art nightzero

It’s never a good idea to go it alone in Left 4 Dead, and it’s nice to see that even that detail shows up in these photos. Also in these? Some guy. Who knows. Guess they needed a fifth for the title… which happens to be Left 5 Dead. Hey, when you’re fighting off a city full of hungry undead, it’s good to have an extra guy.

[Left 5 Dead via The Escapist]