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Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser Gets Your Button-Mashing, Joystick Wiggling Fingers in Fighting Shape

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 30, 2009

Do you play lots of video games? Here’s a great way to limber up your trigger fingers to get ready for some serious gaming action. Especially good for warming up for quick fret presses in music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the Xtensor hand exerciser is perfect for getting your hands in shape for the big game.


Just strap the open-fingered glove around your wrist, put your digits through the fingerholes, and get to stretching the tiny elastic exercise bands. By stimulating hard to isolate finger extensor muscles and tendons in your hands, wrists and elbows, you’ll build up hand strength you never knew you had. All the better to kick your ass in Tekken 6 when it comes out this fall.


And even if you’re not constantly glued to your game console, the Xtensor can help you keep your hands, arms and wrists in shape whether you’re an avid golfer, tennis player, spend your days in front of the computer keyboard, or frequently use your hands for (um) something else (nudge, nudge).

So give your fingers a hand and grab an Xtensor hand exerciser over at ThinkGeek for $39.99 (USD).

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