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Celebrate Nintendo Dsi Us Debut With Electronic Peep Show

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 8, 2009

Nintendo’s current handheld has mutated over the years (as their handhelds are wont to do), from a hefty brick Phat model to the sleek lines of the latest iteration, the DSi. That latest system celebrated its US debut this week, and already the poor thing has been stripped, her guts revealed in a greedy technological orgy of discovery.

nintendo dsi ifixit disassemble dismantle handheld video game

Watch as the DSi is pried unwillingly open. Oh! How she resists! But that didn’t stop the folks at ifixit from tearing the DSi down completely… and by completely here, I mean completely. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, I see this all the time, circuit boards, battery, whatever. And sure, they went there.

nintendo dsi ifixit disassemble dismantle handheld video game

But here the ifixit folks went that extra mile, and succeeded in their epic quest to see just how many different pieces they could get out of one DSi–without breaking anything, of course.

nintendo dsi ifixit disassemble dismantle handheld video game

Best of all, they’ve got a step-by-step breakdown up alongside photos of the dismantling, as well as some comparisons to the DS Lite. You even get witty bonus commentary regarding the extra-thick DSi manual, and really, what innards-ogler can ask for more?

[ifixit via hackaday]