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Custom Bulldozer Computer for Heavy Data Lifting

 |  |  |  |  |  April 21, 2009

Here’s a unique mod: a bulldozer! This one’s got it all, and by “all,” I mean colorful lights and moving parts. You can paint a case all day long and glue on all the setpieces you’d like, but movable parts beat all.

yellow bulldozer casemod

The post title above is misleading, however; Russian modder Megalex’s custom bulldozer mod would only be good for heavy lifting if you also happened to have a time machine. With only 512 MB of RAM, this little computer won’t handle all the software you’ll ever need, but it does have a 500 GB hard drive, so you can use it for what’s really important: storage.

yellow bulldozer casemod

Look at that tread! Megalex’s mod may not be the biggest and baddest around, but it certainly wins cool points. Just imagine if it were remote-controlled….

[Tech Power Up via Slippery Brick]