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Sony Releases X1000 Series of Media Players; Apple Doesn’T Notice Because of Their Thick Walls of Money

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 22, 2009

Sony has seen better times: the PSP was almost abandoned by game developers due to rampant piracy, the PS3 isn’t selling like its previous incarnations, and the iPod is the new Walkman. But the Japanese giant soldiers on, and are still releasing new products left and right, such as the X1000 series of media players, previously known as “Walkman X.” The media players will be available in Japan starting April 25.


The X1000 series come in two flavors, but the only difference between the two models is their storage capacity. The NW-X1050 can store 16 GB of data, while the NW-X1060 has double the capacity at 32 Gb. Both models can play audio (mp3, ATRAC, linear PCM, AAC) and video (WMV, AVC, MPEG-4) files.

The X1000 series also includes the barely functional NetFront browser, the same browser that’s on the PSP, along with Microsoft Live Search and a quick link to YouTube. The latest Walkmen (Walkmans?) are also equipped with the now requisite capacitive touchscreen, as well as a 1-seg digital TV tuner.


The NW-X1050 will sell for about ¥40,000 ($408 USD) while the NW-X1060 is priced around ¥50,000 ($509 USD). Check out Sony’s press release or the Sony Style website for more details on their latest potaburuodiopureya.

[via anythingbutipod]