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Meeple Keychain is Made of (Wooden) People

 |  |  |  |  |  |  April 29, 2009

Okay, before we get down to the cutest little wooden keychains you will see on a blog today, I know some of you are sitting there thinking, “meeple? what?”, so it might first be best to explain. Meeple is the word for simplified humanoid boardgame pieces, and some cat has gone and turned ’em into adorable keychains.

meeple keychains carcasonne

Meeple turn up in German board games, like the tile-based Carcasonne, wherein the little wooden figures with the stiff limbs serve as farmers staking claim to to hills and landscapes on your behalf. The signature meeple even made the jump to the XBLA version of Carcasonne, in non-wooden form, of course.

$20 nets you a set of six meeple keychains, so you can pick your favorite color(s) and hand the rest out to your boardgaming friends!

[via Etsy]