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The Bioshock 2 Love Continues: Custom Big Sister Figure

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Written by Alisha K. | May 5, 2009

We’re still months away from BioShock 2, but you’d never know it from the projects that have been cropping up in relation to the sequel. And while the Big Sister isn’t nearly as cute as the Big Daddy doll we’ve seen (which produces automatic “awws”), it’s still an incredible figure!

bioshock 2 big sister figure

Looks pretty detailed, eh? Lots of work done? Keep in mind that this figure is less than four inches tall… and be impressed all over again. Projects like this take serious dedication. Check out the figure next to an image of the Big Sister:

bioshock 2 big sister figure

Can you imagine sculpting the buckles on those legs? If your answer is “yes,” please get to work on some customs of your own… and don’t forget to send pictures.

[Big Sister custom figure via Super Punch]