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Pac-Man Sour Candies: Power Pellets for People

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 6, 2009

He might enjoy the occasional cherry, strawberry or pretzel, but there’s one food that Pac-Man loves above all – the power pellet. Now you can enjoy the same tasty treats that Pac-Man chomps as he moves around the maze.


In addition to tasty round power pellets, there’s sour blue raspberry blue ghosts, and tart cherry Blinky ghosts, which I imagine turn into raspberry blue ghosts after you eat a couple of power pills. But I could be wrong on that. And while I’m thinking about it, have you ever seen an actual blue raspberry? And no, that Icee that turned your tongue all shades of ultramarine doesn’t count.


I think I know what I’m gonna keep in my desk drawer for between-meal snacks from now on. Pac-Man candies are available from FredFlare for $12 for the set of three tins.