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Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof HDTV: So Expensive, You Might Not Want to Leave It Outside

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 12, 2009

Pimp your ride, your pool, your house, and even your dog’s house with Pantel’s outdoor weatherproof HDTVs. They’re rust-resistant, can withstand temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and are equipped with anti-reflective glass screens, features that allow you to be a couch potato even when you’re out of the house.


Bald dudes, I don’t think you should tailgate if you’re going to be driving with an HDTV on your car’s rear. I don’t think you should install an HDTV on your car’s rear either, but hey, it’s your car and it’s your money. Pantel’s outdoor HDTVs also come with wireless receivers and transmitters, eliminating cable clutter. Customers can also choose from a variety of accessories to suit their needs, such as dust covers, floor/wall/ceiling mounts and signal repeaters.


Pantel’s outdoor HDTVs are currently available in 5 sizes: 20″ which sells for $3,000 USD, 32″ which sells for $3,950 USD, 42″ which sells for $5,000 USD, 52″ which sells for $10,000 USD, and 65″ which sells for a whopping $26,000 USD. Pimp prices indeed. The 20″ and 32″ HDTVs support up to 1080i; the 42″, 52″ and 65″ models support up to 1080p.


You can contact Pantel to find out where you can purchase their products. The company urges potential buyers to transact only with websites that have the Pantel authorized online dealer sticker, because you don’t want to give away your 26 grand. What you want is to put a TV worth 26 grand at the rear of your car. You can find detailed specs for the outdoor HDTVs here, and a promo video by Pantel here.

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