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Pac-Man Roomba Eats All Your Dirt Pellets

 |  |  |  |  |  |  May 13, 2009

As devices go, the Roomba is pretty cool on its own. It’s a useful machine and a fun toy all in one, so dressing it up can seem a little gratuitous. But if you turn your Roomba into Pac-Man… well, that’s just awesome. Especially if you use hilarious and appropriate sound effects.

pac-man roomba mod robot

With cleverly placed and wired yellow LEDs, a little white Roomba become a flashing, shining Pac-Man, who also apparently promises better cleaning time. The mod means he powers up when he eats carpet grime, I guess. Definitely on the list of most random (and amusing) mods ever.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]