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Universal Bullshit Detector Watch Poops, Moos, Might Actually Tell the Time Too

 |  |  |  |  |  May 14, 2009

Do you have friends who constantly brag about imaginary achievements? Are you tired of salesmen harassing you at the mall with their 5 minutes a day = 6 pack! exercise machines? Is your kid always making up excuses for failingĀ  — let’s not go there. But are you sick of all the tricksters around you? Then shut them up with the universal bullshit detector watch, created by satirist Joey Skaggs.


The next time a son of Loki opens his mouth, press the upper button on the watch and have it flash and emit a pooping sound, moo, and then fart – a purified rendition of the words coming out of the liar’s mouth. It also tells the time, but come on, I mean if you see someone wearing this and they tell you that they bought this because they needed a wristwatch, please press the upper button for them.

The universal bullshit detector watch sells for $40 USD (plus shipping and handling) and can be ordered at its online store. Don’t use it on your kids.