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Repurpose That Junk Into a Smokin’ Hot Raygun

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Written by Alisha K. | May 19, 2009

If you know how to turn old camera and radio parts into a real raygun, please let me know. Until that day comes (and I’m hopeful that it will!), we’ll have to settle for checking out completely awesome non-working rayguns constructed from random odds and ends.

steampunk raygun

Look out, y’all–it’s atom-powered, too, for that super scary vintage sci fi look. It’s hard to believe such a beautiful project was put together from bits of other items. That handle? Not a pistol grip at all; it began life attached to a Super 8 camera. And just look at this incredible wiring!

steampunk raygun

All I have lying around are old, dead cellphones. If someone will post a tutorial on building cool things from those, I’m totally in.

[Atomic Disruptor Raygun via Hack N Mod]