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Sony X-Series Walkman Reviewed: Finally, a Media Player Worthy of the Walkman Name?

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 20, 2009

While it’s a bit late in the game, Sony’s X-series Walkman looks to be the company’s best PMP, as reviewed by T3. The X’s OLED screen and superior audio quality pleased T3’s Brian Ashcraft, saying  “It sucker punches the iPod from the off with cracking sonics, ” and “the OLED screen here thrashes the iPod’s LED one” and “It leg drops the iPod’s fat mama.” Kidding with the last one.  But the X’s S-Master digital amplifier combined with its noise canceling capabilities really put Apple’s players to shame.


The X doesn’t win on all fronts though: Ashcraft found the touchscreen a bit unresponsive, and its interface won’t win any awards for style.


In the end though, the X is a media player, and judging from the review, its audio and video quality make it more than a match for the PMPs that are currently out today. You can check out T3’s review and hands-on video here.

Head on to Sony Style’s website to pre-order the X-series Walkman; detailed specs are also available there. The 16 GB model sells for $300 USD, while the 32 GB model is $400 USD.