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Make Your Own Tiny Starship Enterprise From Spare Parts

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Written by Paul Strauss | May 21, 2009

I just got back from watching the glorious new Star Trek movie, so I must have the Enterprise on the brain. And while this tiny Starship Enterprise isn’t quite as dramatic as the mammoth star vessel from the film, it’s just as cool in my book. Maybe even more so.


Built by a guy going by the name “Wolf” (no, not Worf), this mini light-up Starship Enterprise “sparebot” is crafted from three LEDs, a couple of resistors, some wire, a magnetic reed switch and a 3-volt button battery. And it’s sure to defeat those pesky Romulans – assuming they had a tiny little ship too.


Wolf has been kind enough to post the schematic for his teensy Enterprise over on his website. Captain Kirk would approve – then he’d fly it into the middle of a black hole.

[via Hack a Day]