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Torrent2exe Makes Torrenting Almost Idiotproof

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Written by Lambert Varias | May 29, 2009

If you can surf the Internet and install software without asking for help, then I’m sure downloading torrents is also a piece of cake for you. But of course there are other aspects of downloading torrents that require more knowledge and tweaking, like bandwidth settings or port forwarding. If you don’t want to deal with all of that stuff, you might want to check out Torrent2exe.com. As its name implies, the site makes a program that will download the torrent for you, without the need for a torrent client or even a browser.


As you can see, the website still requires you to know how and where to download torrents because it doesn’t have a search engine; you’ll have to either link to the torrent file’s URL or upload the torrent file itself before you get the downloader. But once you’ve done either of the two, all you have to do is click start download, and the downloader is created; run the program and it will start downloading the torrent. Torrent2exe also creates a URL that you can share with others so they can also download the same torrent in the same manner.


Now I don’t have Windows on my MacBook so I can’t say how well the service works. Still, it really is a simplified method for downloading torrents. But there’s no point in using the website if you’re already comfortable with torrent clients. First of all, I don’t see any option to set download/upload speeds, which is a really handy feature in clients. Also, the program can only seed the torrent a mere 2 hours after the download has completed. That’s fine if you have a speedy Internet connection and/or the file you’re downloading is small, but if neither is the case then you won’t be worth much as a seeder.

Torrent2exe is a free service, and of course it’s Windows only.

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