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Delicious Bacon Bits Disappoint When Revealed as iPod Cases

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Written by Alisha K. | May 31, 2009

Everyone loves bacon, even people who say they don’t. It’s a rule. So of course this little bacony case wins stomachs hearts at first glance. At second glance? You find out it’s not bacon, and then there are tears. But it’s still an iPod, at least. Hurray!

felt bacon case ipod iphone phone

This “bacon bits” case is made to fit the tiny iPod Shuffle, though Etsy seller Antjes also offers larger bacon cases, for all your bacon-wrapped gadget needs. Mmm. Bacon-wrapped gadgets.

felt bacon case ipod iphone phone

Of this larger case, Antjes says, “It really looks like a piece of bacon!” and I am forced to agree.

Bacon cases are available in a variety of sizes, so long as you are willing to provide the necessary dimensions. But do you really want something around that will make you constantly hungry for bacon?

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