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Weird Gadget of the Day: 1″ LCD Fragrance Releasing Talking Cat Alarm Clock With Temperature Display

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 6, 2009

I couldn’t make this stuff up. Filling a niche that I’m pretty sure nobody needs filled, this weird alarm clock from China is definitely not something I had on my gadget wish list.


This cat-shaped alarm clock, and not only tells the time, but releases an unknown fragrance as it does its business. One can only hope it doesn’t smell like my cat’s litter box. In addition to stinkin’ up the place, the cat is a speaks the time in 14 “diverse languages” – not one of them my tabby understands. There’s also a digital thermometer mode which can display the current temperature in either Centigrade or Celsius. Last time I checked, those were both the same thing. Eh, what do you expect from a stinkin tetradeca-lingual talkin’ cat?


What I really love about this thing is that the guys who made it felt the need to patent it. So if you plan on making your own 1″ lcd fragrance releasing talking cat alarm clock with temperature display, you’d better watch your ass. The holders of patent number 200930164072.X will rain down on you with the wrath of God (and an army of fragranced talking cats).

While you’re mulling over whether or not you want to buy Fragrance Cat, here’s some informative Engrish from the package for your enjoyment…


Wow, it’s got high definition time. Even my Blu-ray player can’t do that. And what the heck do you think a hypnosis alarm is? Does it put you into a trance the minute you wake up? In my house, we call that the “snooze bar”. If you just absolutely have to have one of these ridiculous things by the side of your bed you need help, you can get your hands on one over at DealExtreme for $7.23 (USD).