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How to Make Your Psp Less Portable in a Few Complicated Steps

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 7, 2009

The real beauty of portable game systems is that they’re, well, portable. They fit comfortably into a pocket so that you can haul ’em around and play whenever you have a spare moment. Now, the PSP may look slick in all its iterations, but it’s never been the most pocket-friendly apparatus. So how to make it even bulkier? Add-ons.

psp mod laptop keyboard flip screen

That keyboard is adapted from the Xbox controller keyboard attachment, and the screen–which is fully functional as a flip screen, so the unit folds in half–has been installed in a PSP visor from Joytech so that it fits flush against the unit when it’s folded.


While the project isn’t quite finished, even at this point, it looks pretty incredible, and with all those repurposed materials, it might be a nice way to get rid of spare electronics.

[Acid Mods forums via HackNMod]