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Fading Out LED Soft Cushion: Wow. Just… Wow.

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 8, 2009

If I ever have kids, I’ll be sure to pass on to them everything that I know about anything. Like the joys of reading, or the merits of moderation. And thanks to all of the fascinating things I’ve read about since I started writing here, if someday my kids come to me and ask, “Dad, where can I find some of the strangest shit in the world?” I can confidently say, “Brando.”


Behold the “Fading Out LED Soft Cushion”! It comes in two variants, Pyschedelic Milk Cow – perfect for inducing seizures – and Little Satanist Red Bull – perfect for, well, little Satanists.


The Fading Out LED Soft Cushions are not just for kids; they’re perfect for adults too! Buy them for your adult enemies, and they’ll surely hate you more.


Of course you can just take out the 3 AA batteries and let the cushions be normal cushions, but then that would make the thing normal. And if there’s a forbidden word at Brando’s, it’s “normal”.

You can get one of these weird LED cushions – I won’t bother asking why – at Brando for $22 (USD).

[via 7 Gadgets]