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Logitech Flight System G940: for Serious Virtual Pilots

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 8, 2009

Logitech continue their quest to serve the deep-pocketed hardcore gamers with the upcoming Flight System G940. The G940 is a combination of a force feedback joystick, a dual throttle and foot pedals and has more than 250 programmable button options, giving you easy access and total control of everything, from takeoff to landing to launching missiles to turning your opponent’s monitor off. Kidding. But I bet there’s room for that. It wouldn’t be enough to map WoW skills and macros though.


The joystick has a 2-stage metal trigger, an 8-way hat switch, a dedicated POV switch, 6 programmable buttons, a “pinkie shift” button, 3 analog trim controls, and contactless X & Y positional sensors. The throttle’s tension can be adjusted, plus it’s packed with buttons and switches as well: 2 4-way hat switches, 2 rotary analog controls, 12 programmable buttons including the 8 customizable LED-lit ones on the base.


Not to be outdone, the foot pedal also has adjustable resistance control, toe brakes, a retractable carpet lock, and stainless steel treads.


The G940 will be available in the US and in Europe come September for $250 USD. I heard you can program it such that it’ll play by itself.

[via fareastgizmos]