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Jaw-Dropping, Wallet-Emptying Steampunk Flash Drive

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Written by Alisha K. | June 9, 2009

Flash drives are becoming a popular item for the steampunk modding community, but projects like this are rare even so. This incredibly detailed piece of steampunk art sold out in a day at Etsy… even at the price of $165. A little steep for the average 16GB flash drive, but this one’s in no way average.

steampunk flash drive

Just in case this piece wasn’t already flashy enough, it glows when plugged in. Unfortunately, it was the only item in seller Artype’s shop, but I can only hope we see more from this one.

Where do you think all those gears came from? Watches, cigarette lighters… who knows what items died so that this flash drive could live. I’d say that one’s worth a little mechanical genocide.

[Etsy via Boing Boing Gadgets]