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Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator Camera by Lomography Helps You Take Puke-Inducing Pictures

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  June 16, 2009

Lomography’s new Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator allows users to use up to 3 pinholes in one shot. The pinholes create a ripple, cross-eyed effect that only worsens becomes crazier once you add the color filters to the mix. The Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator has a focal length of 29 mm, a pinhole diameter of 0.277 mm and an f/128 F stop. View angle is 103 degrees, but thanks to the pinholes you can take a panoramic shot. A sort of panoramic shot. The weird, dizzying kind.


The camera uses 120 film, but if you want to use the cheaper 35 mm film you can get the 35mm Back+ attachment. Here’s a sample shot that used 3 pinholes but no color filters:


Isn’t that what characters in movies see when they’re high, poisoned, or suffering from heatstroke? But that’s a wall of white compared to this one:


Now we’re going through the rabbit hole. By the way, the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator is as analog as it gets, as it doesn’t even have a shutter or a lens. It has a switch under the front barrel for selecting how many pinholes you want to use, then you a lever that you lower to let light in, then raise to stop light from coming in. It couldn’t be harder. I meant simpler.


How’s that for a panorama. You can get the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator for only $65 USD at Lomography. Barf bag not included.

[via GeekAlerts]