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Handmade Frog and Duck USB Flash Disks (Just Don’T Drop ‘Em in a Pond)

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Written by Lambert Varias | June 18, 2009

The gadgets that Brando sells are often weird but they’re mostly affordable. GeekStuff4U has it the other way around: slightly weird gadgets that really hurt the pockets. Case in point: handmade frog and duck USB flash disks. Why? I mean, sure, they look nice, but… Why?

usb frog

Okay I must admit, USB frog looks cool. He looks like a tatooed alien frog. With a USB interface sticking out of his butt.

USB duck

I don’t like USB duck. He’s boring. As I said, both are handmade, plus they’re made from a traditional Japanese heavy crepe cloth called chirimen, hence their price: a 2GB capacity of either animal sells for $83 (USD),  then $94 for 4Gb, and finally $105 for the 8GB. If you think they’re worth it, head on to ExpensiveStuff4U GeekStuff4U.

[via Akihabara News]