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Beanzawave USB Portable Microwave Heatz Your Beanz and Drinkz

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 1, 2009

Created by “microwave expert” Gordon Andrews and designer Stephen Frazer in partnership with Heinz, the Beanzawave is the world’s smallest portable microwave. It’s powered via USB and uses “a combination of mobile phone frequencies” to heat whatever you put in there. Uhuh. I see. *chucks phone out the window*


Heinz, maker of Snap Pots, commissioned Andrews and Frazer to come up with a microwave that would complement their popular pork & beans snack. According to the company 69% of office workers are too busy/busy pretending to be busy that they don’t have time for lunch. So if Heinz can’t make customers come to them, they’ll just find a way to bring their product to the customers. Good ol’ business sense.


See what I mean? That guy isn’t an office worker, he’s a commercial model! Excel my ass. Anyway the Beanzawave remains a concept product, because Heinz wants to gauge the public’s interest before going ahead with production. Why, you may ask, does Brando not do this “wait and see” thing? Because they’re crazy that’s why. Also because Brando’s products are dead cheap, whereas the Beanzawave’s estimated price is about £100 ($165 USD). Ouch. But technology will most likely be on Heinz’ side, because the parts needed to build Beanzawavez will only become cheaper as time passes by.

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