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Nike Hindsight Cycling Glasses Concept Design Will Let Cyclists Know What Hit Them

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 2, 2009

Designed by Billy May for Nike, the Hindsight is a concept design for cycling glasses that extends a person’s vision by up to 25° on each side. The extra vision is achieved by attaching curved Fresnel lenses on each side of the glasses.


Of course it still depends on the person wearing it to actually take advantage of the extra peripheral vision; not even Geordi’s VISOR can save absent-minded folks from accidents.


The image below shows us how the scope of the extra vision that the Hindsight gives, allowing the biker to see the car that’s about to run him over. I’m pretty sure the car will hit the biker. Hindsight = not effective.


Unless of course those are Blue Laser Propellers of Death coming out of the Hindsight. If that’s the case, then Hindsight = effective.

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