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Tweetcraft: So You Never have to Let Go of Your Online Addictions

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 7, 2009

Twitter or World of Warcraft? What’s a well-connected gamer to choose? Oh, listen, no one’s saying that you can’t juggle your iPhone and your mouse at the same time as is, but shouldn’t it be easier to raid while keeping up with your tweets? It just got easier, folks, thanks to TweetCraft.

tweetcraft world of warcraft twitter client

TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client that meshes perfectly with the regular WoW interface, so the only thing that stands out from the rest of your game windows is Xeni Jardin.

And for those times when you absolutely, positively have got to let everyone know you’re logging in, TweetCraft will even autotweet it for you. So much for playing on the sly.

[TweetCraft via The Escapist]