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Zgrip iPhone 3gs Handgrip to Help Steady Video Shoots – for a Price

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 10, 2009

Yep, I’ve got an iPhone 3GS, but I have to say that as much as I love that it can shoot video, I still have a tough time keeping the picture steady while shooting. There’s nothing quite like a little shakycam action to make you lose your lunch when you play back your home movies on the big screen. So I was stoked when I saw this awesome looking iPhone 3GS handgrip was coming out – until I saw the price tag, that is.


The Zgrip iPhone PRO from Zacuto is a serious stabilizing mount for your 3GS, letting you shoot professional-quality video instead of accidentally getting your fingertips in the shot – or worse yet, dropping your JesusPhone on the ground while you’re trying to get the perfect shot.

Simply snap your iPhone 3GS into the form-fitting grips, and start shooting. The mount can be adjusted to just about any angle you want, and provides a rock-solid mount for capturing your first Spielberg moment.

So what’s not to like? The big problem is that the ZGrip PRO sells for a whopping $295 (USD), making it just $4 bucks less than a 32GB iPhone 3GS. Yeouch. I suppose if you want to get serious about shooting video on your 3GS, it’s worth a look. But for most of us, the price tag is a non-starter. On the plus side, Zacuto is working on a simpler consumer model that loses some of the adjustability, but should cut the price significantly. Stay tuned.

I guess I’ll have to stick with the shakycam for now.

[via DigitalDrops via TFTS]