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Technology Saves the Day in a Weird Way: Man Loses Eyesight, Doctors Restore It by Implanting His Tooth in His Right Eye

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 13, 2009

Martin Jones lost his eyesight about 10 years ago, when “a white hot tub of aluminum exploded in his face” while we was working at a scrapyard. Doctors had to remove his left eye, while his right eye was rendered useless because of the damage. Jones married his wife four years ago while still without eyesight. But thanks to the Sussex Eye Clinic in Brighton, Jones finally got to see his wife and scored a wicked looking right eye in the process. How? By having part of his front tooth implanted in his right eye. Go Technology go!


As you can see, Jones’ tooth serves as as a support for the lens that was created out of a patch of his skin. What’s even more amazing (for me at least) is that the procedure, developed by surgeon Christopher Liu, has actually been performed about 50 times! So Jones isn’t the only guy with the Sauron-like eye. Check out Daily Mail‘s report for more details.

[via gizmo watch]