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The Great Red Herring Chase Will Wear Your Fingers Out

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Written by Alisha K. | July 13, 2009

The Great Red Herring Chase would be notable for its name alone (how great is that?) even if it wasn’t an attractive, interesting Flash game. Luckily, it is all of those things, and maybe a few more.

great red herring chase

In the noir-influenced Great Red Herring Chase, you assume the role of a private dick (of course) looking to track down a crime boss. You can’t just start at the top, though; you’ve got to work your way up from the bottom, tracking criminals and climbing the underworld ladder.

Players accomplish this by typing commands to their taxi driver until they catch–or lose–the criminal. Even if you’re a speedy typist, the game can prove a challenge.

[Intuition Games via IndieGames]