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Test Your Child’s Bravery With the Monster Stroller

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  July 14, 2009

You probably know by now that young Spartans proved their worth by being beaten up senseless and killing – or being killed by – comically large wolves. We modern men are not as barbaric; we’re content with having our babies ride cyclops-head strollers.


This extremely detailed monstrosity is from Elmer Presslee, house of weird furniture and art. It’s owned by William Robbins, who according to his profile “went to school for a while.” That explains the weird stuff. School does that to you.


Jeebus. In case you haven’t noticed, the baby sits on the brain of the cyclops, which is probably what’s making his eye pop out like that. Imagine if someone sat on your brain.


I’m pretty sure if I was still a kid and you showed this to me I’d go insane. If you’re into this kind of art, be sure to check out Elmer Presslee’s website for more nightmare-inducing art as well as furniture.

[via Crafty Crafty]