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Av Connector T-Shirt Perfect for Av Club Geeks

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 18, 2009

Do you spend a ton of time squished between the wall behind your A/V equipment, plugging and unplugging cables? Then have I got a T-shirt for you.


The backside of the “AV” t-shirt by Olly Moss offers more audio-visual connectors than you’ll probably ever need – at least analog ones. And just like the real deal, there’s a handy headphone jack and standby switch on the front of the shirt.


The tee offers a wealth of virtual RCA audio inputs and outputs, ample component and digital audio inputs, and even a couple of SCART connectors for those of you in Europe. Too bad there’s only 2 HDMI inputs. You can never have enough HDMI inputs, IMHO. And what’s with the composite, S-video and VGA connectors? C’mon, get into the new millennium already!


You AV geeks can grab the AV t-shirt over at Threadless for $18 bucks. Giant sizes are currently sold out, so you’d better get cracking if you still want one of these.