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Hunt and Peck Keyboard: for People Who Can’T be Bothered to Learn to Type Like Everyone Else

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Written by Lambert Varias | July 21, 2009

The Hunt and Peck Keyboard sports an alternative layout, one that has the letters arranged alphabetically. You can toggle between the traditional QWERTY layout and the “logical” ABCDE layout with the press of a button. The function keys are also mapped to type in commonly used abbreviations like ASAP and IMO. LOL is mapped at F10 btw.


It may be useful for really old people, but otherwise I think this is a bad idea. How will you learn to type like everyone else if you don’t use a normal keyboard? It’s kinda like learning how to drive using a car that has its gas and brake pedals reversed. But we at technabob are staunch defenders of democracy and of your right to a keyboard with alphabetically arranged keys, so if you want a Hunt and Peck keyboard, be my guest. firstStreet – makers of the old-people-friendly go computer – is selling the Hunt and Peck Keyboard for $30 (USD). Weirdly enough, the go computer’s keyboard layout is QWERTY. Go figure.

[via Likecool]