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‘Splosion Man Tearing Up Xbox Live Arcade

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Written by Alisha K. | July 23, 2009

From the minds behind The Maw comes ‘Splosion Man, a colorful action platformer packed with hilarious achievements and visuals that are at times evocative of Wall-E.

splosion man twisted pixel games xbla xbox

You may be able to guess what ‘Splosion Man is about. If you, in fact, guessed “‘sploding things,” you may already be a winner! Just not at this game. Twisted Pixel’s latest is about a guy who can explode at will, and in this “platformer,” instead of jumping, guess what you do?

Yeah, I bet you’ve got it.

Perhaps most interesting is that the game features four player local multiplayer, as well as a number of other modes, for maximum potential fun. There’s nothing like exploding all over your friends when they’re right next to you.

‘Splosion Man is available now on XBLA for 800 Microsoft points.

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