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Lit Urban Underglow Leds Add Undercarriage Lighting to Your Furniture

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 29, 2009

The LIT Urban Underglow LED lighting kit is a great way to add a bold splash of color to any room.


These brightly illuminated LED strips from LIT let you morph any piece of furniture into a colorful new canvas. Just secure the color-changing LED tube(s) to the bottom of your furniture, plug in to an outlet, and set them to the color you want. The included remote control lets you select your colors of choice, or program the LEDs to cycle through colors gradually or step through them one at a time.

The basic LIT Urban Underglow kit sells for $209.95 (USD) and includes a 37-inch RGB LED tube, mounting hardware, power supply and a wireless remote control for changing colors.  Additional tubes available in 37-inch ($87.95) and 19-inch ($74.95) segments, which can be joined together for larger installations. There’s even a rechargeable battery pack available for wireless installations ($64.95). They’re all available for order over at LIT.

And if you’re really willing to blow your budget, skip the cheap stuff and upgrade to a system powered by LIT’s amBIENT XC controller, which lets you synchronize the LED colors in your room to match the colors on a video source, thanks to amBX technology. Check out the video below to see that bad boy in action.