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Jenda Voice Calendar: for the Family That Needs More Nagging

 |  |  |  |  |  August 2, 2009

Hey there Mom! Does your husband always seem to forget that the floor of your house isn’t his clothes hamper? Do your kids always mistake Coke for milk? Is your uncle senile? The Jenda Voice Calendar can help! Record your appointments, messages, reminders, stern warnings, threats, ultimatums, and more! Simply select the relevant date, press record then speak. The calendar’s flashing “Today” button “alerts the whole family each morning about the day’s schedule.” I’m not sure if that means that the calendar will play back your recorded messages due that day, or if the button simply flashes. Hmmm.


Either way, it’s one more nagger! It’s just like having another mother in the house. To make sure that full nagging potential is used, place the calendar where family members frequently pass by – in the bathroom, on the back door, by your son’s window, etc. The Jenda Voice Calendar is available at SkyMall for $40 (USD) + shipping.  It uses 3 AAA batteries. I don’t know if they’re included.

*The mother in the picture is saying – That’s right Mary, today’s the day I file for divorce! Thanks for reminding me my little angel!”

[via Random Good Stuff]