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Star Wars T-Shirt Does Make a Good Point

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Written by Lambert Varias | August 6, 2009

When we love someone or something, we tend to overlook its flaws and shortcomings, and we say to ourselves that these flaws and shortcomings are just part of the person or the object that we love, they’re included in the package, even though we could mine these flaws and shortcomings for comic material, thus putting them to good use. Take Star Wars fans. I’m sure that a large percentage of them are intelligent people. And yet it took more than 30 years and a shirt to bring this point up: When you think about it, all galaxies are far, far away.


If you’ve heard the joke before, I apologize for the hype. Personally it made my 2 a.m. so much more awesome. But if it had the same effect on you, you might want to thank Debbie Vega for making the joke up by buying her t-shirt at TypeTees for only $10 (USD).