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Hairsticks, for That Subtle Touch of Fandom

 |  |  |  |  |  August 14, 2009

I love the less overt displays of fandom as much as I do the building of lifesize robot replicas, so I couldn’t possibly resist hairsticks decorated with little touches of iconic images from video games.

resident evil hairsticks

Can you imagine walking behind someone with the T-virus bobbing along in their hair? I’m not sure if I’d ask ’em to get some coffee or if I’d be forced to karate chop them into the next world in order to save this one. Probably the former. But let’s not linger on my violent tendencies, and instead look at another example: Portal hairsticks. There’s a game that’s been really popular lately with the crafters.


At $20 a pair, I can’t say these are a bad deal, but you’d also have to deal with hearing “The cake is a lie!” over and over and over….

[via RoyalTresses’s Etsy store]