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Glowing Solar LED Lamp: Looks Like a Ufo Landed in Your Living Room

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 15, 2009

While I’ve been waiting a really long time for the Alien Abduction Lamp to finally get mass-produced, I guess I’ll have to settle for this glowing green orb lamp from Japan for now.


These little spherical lamps sure look like some sort of retro spacecraft to me, especially the glowing green part, and the tripod legs.

Created by Japan’s IDEA Label, each light stands about 3 feet tall, and has a bright LED that gets its juice from solar energy. As an added bonus, they’re waterproof, so you can actually line up a bunch of these in your front yard and they’ll be convinced the aliens have landed when the sun goes down. In addition to the bright green one, they’re also available in pink, orange and clear – but seriously, what’s the last time you saw a pink alien spaceship? What sort of fools do they take us for?

As is the case with many of the offbeat products from Japan, they’re not currently available elsewhere. For now, I guess you’ll have to admire them from afar over on the IDEA shop for ¥1575 (appx. $17 USD) each.