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Pass the Salt: More Like Pull Back the Shaker

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Written by Lambert Varias | August 17, 2009

Isn’t technology awesome? Thanks to technology we can add text to pictures of cats! And then within seconds, we can post that same captioned creation online, allowing us to reach out and annoy millions of people! And now, thanks to technology (kinda), even the simple act of grabbing a condiment can be a hoot: Introducing the Pass The Salt salt shaker. It’s equipped with pull back wheels, so it’ll zip straight to the hands of whoever needs salt. Or maybe not.


Seriously here’s what it says on the product page: “it will hopefully maintain trajectory and make contact with the intended target.” Emphasis mine. You can get the Pass The Salt at Lazybone for about $11 (USD). Do not buy this if you have kids, or you will never have a peaceful meal until either the shaker breaks or your kid matures.