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Xbox 360 Mod 4 Dead

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Written by Alisha K. | August 18, 2009

The bloody hand of Left 4 Dead is one of those images that sticks out–partially, I’m sure, because of the wonderful atmosphere of the game itself, in which those bloody handprints are so often wielded to chilling effect. That means it also makes a perfect icon to serve as the centerpiece of a custom Xbox 360.

left 4 dead casemod

This custom ‘box is the work of one friend for another. How’s that for teamwork? Better than crouching together on a counter in a bathroom while zombies descend upon you and your pals, that’s for sure.


Nice glow, but I wonder if it’s distracting during game time?

deviantART member FatalJapan, for whom this case was made, mentions in the description that some of the requested details got left out of the finished product. To FatalJapan’s friend, I say this: if you want to make one of these for me, free of charge (as this one was!), then I promise to do nothing but praise you afterward… and I praise with cookies.