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Sharp’S New Cordless Phone has an LCD Touchscreen Sidekick

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Written by Lambert Varias | August 20, 2009

The recently introduced Sharp JD-7C1CL/CW cordless phone may have a pretty vanilla handset, but it joins the touchscreen bandwagon with its companion 7″ LCD (800 x 480 resolution) touchscreen panel. According to Akihabara News, the panel has various integrated functions like a calendar, a clock, and a phone book app that allows users to store pictures with the numbers.


The panel can also be used as a picture frame (but of course). Pictures can be transferred to the panel’s 128 MB internal memory via infrared or from memory cards through its card reader. I hope Sharp builds on this and adds some kind of videoconferencing in the future. That would be awesome.


It’s nice to see new and useful upgrades to the old landline phone. What’s not nice is not knowing the price and availability of new and useful upgrades to the old landline phone. But I’m sure we’ll get more details in no time at all; secrets and unknowns don’t last long on the Internet.