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Music Cage Doesn’T Need a Bird to Chirp Tunes

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 26, 2009

In movies, cartoons and RPGs, nothing says “Good Morning!” like a couple of birds chirping. Except of course someone actually saying “Good Morning!” But I’d rather not have birds as pets if it means locking them up in a cage. Plus I’d have to clean up their poop. So I’d rather have nendo’s music-cage – it’s a wireless speaker that resembles a bird cage. Sweet. You can connect it to a lamp’s socket on your ceiling so it hangs down, or simply set it on a table or even on the floor; there’s nothing inside for your cats to terrorize anyway.


The music-cage’s product page implies that it uses Bluetooth to stream audio. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t say how much this thing costs or if it’s even real or just a concept. Fortunately, you can visit nendo’s offices and demand answers. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on where you are –  one’s in Tokyo and the other one’s in Milan. Fortunately, now that you sorta know how it works you can try and make your own music-cage. All you need is a bird cage, a speaker, and some welding and electronics skills. You’re welcome.

[via Unplggd]