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Gears of War Imulsion Energy Drink: Mmmmm. Imulsion.

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  August 31, 2009

The Gears of War geeks over at Gearspedia describe Imulsion as “a phosphorescent, highly volatile, low-viscosity fluid originally discovered by an oil exploration drill on the planet Sera.” They go on to say “direct exposure to Imulsion for any length of time will cause Locust subjects to transform into Lambent forms, making them, amongst other things, highly explosive when killed. In extreme cases, Imulsion exposure will cause the subject to mutate uncontrollably…”

So why not turn Imulsion into an energy drink? Sounds yummy to me.


That’s what the guys over at Boston America have done with this sticky sweet yellow concoction being sold under the GOW brand name. I bet if Marcus and the Gears had been drinking this stuff all day long, they would have been much more efficient at curb-stomping the Locust Horde. But the Gears’ loss is your gain, and you can buy a case or two for yourself.

Imulsion Energy Drink is available over on Amazon for $2.99 (USD) a can. Drink up.