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Golden NES is Perfect for That Gold Zelda Cartridge Lying Around

 |  |  |  |  |  |  September 1, 2009

If you had an NES as a budding young gamer, odds are the gold cartridge for The Legend of Zelda had a special place in your heart. Sure, it looked a little cheap if you really studied it, maybe even tacky, but after blowing the dust out of one of those babies, all other cartridges were plain ol’ gray and boring. And now, after all these years, here’s the perfect companion to that stand-out cartridge: the gold NES.

gold nintendo nes mod custom

Okay, so this is a completely different shade of gold, with copper thrown in, but it’s more about the connotation of gold and Zelda. Work with me here.

Nice, subtle contrast of colors… but doesn’t it seem like something’s missing? Doesn’t the console seem naked? There’s no logo! The buttons are as bare as can be, too! To me, that almost changes the look more than the color does. I’m lost without those splashes of red.

But I do like the console, particularly for the aforementioned connotation, and perhaps best of all, this is almost a stealth console. You could hide it right in your living room, drop a vase on top of it, and no one would notice a thing… until you started throwing down on some octoroks, that is.